Tuesday, November 11, 2014

[Naver SEO] Must Know Facts For a Better Naver Ranking

Compared with SEO on Google, Naver SEO is very special and hard. SEO on Naver is generally more expensive because the duration of Naver is longer and the competition is generally more intense than that on Google.

Here are MUST KNOW FACTS for a better Naver ranking to ensure that you are maximizing your company’s potential and heading in the right direction with regards to exposing your company to Naver.

Naver Ranking System in Naver’s Comprehensive Search

Naver Comprehensive Search blends results form vertical search engines from its own Images section or News into its search listings. Naver’s launched “Comprehensive Search” in August 2000, providing a variety of contents for Naver users with regard to a term.

What is Naver Comprehensive? 

naver blended search

launched in August 2000, it shows all sections like ‘Web results’, ‘Website’, ’Dictionary’, ’News’, and ‘Blog.’
rather than providing only web results in the search results when a search user performs a keyword.

The “Sections” are categorized by the features such as News, Images, Knowledge-Ins, Sites, Web, local information, and so on. And ‘Comprehensive Search’ displays other types of sections integrated automatically onto the search results page for a term at a time. And in Naver comprehensive search, there are 2 ranking systems - between Naver Sections and in Each Naver Section. 

Naver Sections’ Algorithms

In Naver comprehensive search, each of the sections has different algorithms. For instance, in News section the freshness will play an important part in ranking higher. And in Knowledge-in section, freshness, similarity, and user’s authority should be required. Because the sections are associated with each other, there is no duplicate content section by section.

[Naver Comprehensive Ranking System]

Naver Section Rankings 

naver comprehensive search section ranking
Source: Naver

Naver Search has another algorithm for the sections. That is Naver Section Ranking. It means that the sections’ rankings would be changed by users’ queries. (Blog, Dictionary, News, Knowledge-In.)

It’s designed to analyze the behaviors of Naver users and apply them to section rankings bringing back better sections in order. Therefore, Naver comprehensive search provides its search results for users who want to know the information for a keyword.

Naver Search Algorithm Factors

1. Similarity

It determines the percentage of similarity between keywords and web pages.

The percentage of times a keyword or phrase appears on a web page(Keywords density and Keywords Frequency)

Keyword positions on a web page (layout your Keyword appears Position)

2. Page quality

It determines the percentage of quality between keywords and web pages.

The number of links from the web page. 
The number of links drawn from various sources
The number of website updates including the web pages.

3. User Engagements

The number of Naver users who visit your web page.
How long Naver users stay and browse your web page.
The user’s behavior pattern for your web page.

4. Original Content

Like Google search results in improving your site’s ranking, original content plays an important role in the search results. Naver also takes action against domains or blog sites that try to rank more highly by just displaying scraped or other cookie-cutter pages that don’t add value to users without original user’s permission.


Gaining high rankings on Naver is the key to exposure in the South Korea digital market. Once you master the proper techniques required to get noticed by Naver spiders, you’ll see a steady and significant rise in your Naver search engine rankings.


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