Friday, February 20, 2015

[NAVER SEO] Beginner's Guide to Naver Webmaster Tools 2015

Are you looking for some love from Naver? Other than paid traffic through their Naver Ad platform, the best way to get more website traffic from them is through SEO. but before you start optimizing your site, the first thing you should do is sign up for Naver Webmaster Tool. 

Naver Webmaster Tool is a free toolset provided by Naver that helps you first understand what's going on with your website. here is how Naver webmaster Tool works. 


But the first thing you need to do after you login to Naver is to add your website.
Once your site is verified you'll start seeing data on your website. Sometimes it can take a few hours before you see any data, but it'll start rolling in. 

The dashboard gives you a rough overview of crawl/index status and errors when going through your website, and how many pages Naver has indexed.  

Crawl Stats

if you have thousands of pages on your site, then you should expect Naver to crawl most of these pages on a daily or weekly basis.(But Naver doesn not guarantee the crawling of your websites) Through the graphs and data tables that Naver Webmaster Tool provides, you should be able to get a good sense if they are crawling enough pages on your website. If they aren't, consider adjusting the crawl rate under the Crawl Control tab. 

Index Status

The Index Status allows you to track the status of your site within Naver index. How many new pages are they showing as being indexed? are there any worrying trends? 
have you accidentally blocked large sections of your site from Naverbot? This is a good place to get the answers to those questions and more. 

Crawl Errors

Here is where you find out about the errors that Naver has detected when crawling your site over the past 30 days. This is an invaluable tool as it can absolutely help you identify a variety of issues on your site, from site errors to page errors.  
Naver Webmaster Tool shows you the number of errors, lists the pages like GWT, and shows a graph of your count over time for that particular error so you can see whether it's been a gradual change or a more sudden occurrence.
This section should be a frequent port of call, as you keep an eye out for any new issues that could be impacting the crawling of your site.

Index Request

Just like everything else, Naver is not perfect. So configuring your site can help them do a better job of crawling and indexing your web pages. when configuring here is an area that you should be familiar with:
Submitting an URL will help naver determine what pages you have on your website so they can index them. When you check on Naver and find out missing important URLs, then those URLs have to be submitted here in Naver Webmaster Tool. and they can't contain more than 50 pages a day. 

Crawl Control

This section is Crawl Control. if you feel that the Naver bot needs to be crawling your website more often and faster then you can tell them to do so. But the best option is let it go..because if you encourage Naver bot to crawl your website in an unlimited way, it may cause too much bot traffic going to your server and increase your hosting costs.  

Remove URLs
if you receive a cease and desist letter from someone demanding that you remove a page from your site, you will most likely want to get that page out of Naver as soon as possible. The first step is to either remove the page itself or 301 it elsewhere so that it can't be crawled and indexed. This prevents users and Naver bots from getting to it, but the URL will still be in the index, and the page can still be found in the cache. 

Just enter the URL that you want to remove, click 확인(OKAY). Typically this request will be processed in 10 to 24 hours. 

Was it helpful? Now that you're up to speed on Naver Webmaster Tools! 
Thank you for reading! 


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