Tuesday, November 17, 2015

[Naver SEO] Naver to Shut Down Website Submission and New SEO GUIDELINE 2016

*Source: Naver
Naver to Shut Down Website Submission in December 2015

Naver has announced that it will discontinue all website submission services in December this year. The Naver website submission is only permitted through the Naver Webmaster Tool starting December 2015.

To provide the latest and newest info about website submission on Naver, I've listed biggest differences and new Naver SEO guideline below:

1. Add your website to Naver Webmaster Tool. 

Starting next month (December 2015), Your Korean version website is only submitted through Naver webmaster tool. And if your website is already submitted, then the website is going to be shown on the website section.

2. Website information Registration

The website information in the Naver site’s section is only provided based on the information crawled and indexed by the Naver bot. So, you can’t register a different website title and snippet manually.

3. New Naver SEO Guideline

Facebook OG Tags & Meta tags

To show your webpage’s title and snippet on the Naver web search result, then you have to use meta tags and Facebook OG Tags. Naver officially says that Meta tags and Facebook og tags will be used to show your title and snippet. I’m sure this is official ranking factor to rank higher on the web search result and it’s important to show your webpage’s title and snippet on the web search result.

New Naver SEO Guideline Example)

1. Meta Tags Example

your webpage title

2. Facebook OG Tags Example

3. Twitter Card Meta Tags

Below are good information for example’s sources. 
They rank top 5 on the Naver web search result when you type a title’s keyword on Naver. 

1. Main keyword: 안성기(famous actor)

2. Naver Web Rank : 2
3. HTTP resource: view-source:

1. Main Keyword: 안성기(famous actor)

2. Naver weeb rank: 3 
3. HTTP resource: view-source:

When your website is already submitted, the new algorithm should be applied to expose your website in web or site section. If you have further questions regarding the new website submission, feel free to let me know at 

Thank you for reading!


  1. Hyung is there a direct link to the complete NAVER website / webmaster guidelines?
    Is there also a complete list of the NAVER algorithms that effect the SERP?
    What tools are best for checking various aspects of your NAVER SEO efforts?
    Thanks in advance...

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