Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Naver Webmaster Tools: An Overview

Hi all. 
It's been a while since my last post. I've been so busy at work so I've been a little slack with updating. but this new update from Naver is the motivation I need to update my blog more. 

Naver Webmaster Tool
Naver Webmaster Tool Dashboard
- URL Errors 
- Site Errors 
- Index Stats

Naver officially announced the introduction of a Naver Webmaster Tool on 27 June. As mentioned before, Naver is a leading search engine in South Korea with more than 80% of market share both on desktop and mobile. 

You can now submit your website to Naver through Naver Webmaster Tools. It's currently  a beta release. Unlike Google, the Naver Webmaster Tools offers only in Korean language. 

This article explains registration and other features of Naver Webmaster Tools in English to hep you understand it a little. 

Naver Webmaster Tools Registration 

Step 1 - Naver account 

To set up Naver Webmaster Tools you will need to register for a Naver account. If you don't have an account, I will let you know about how to register for a Naver account tutorial next time. 

Step 2 - Register for Naver Webmaster Tools 

Visit Naver Webmaster Tools, and register for a Naver Account (Naver ID), and Sign in.

Step 3 - Add Website URL 

Once signed in, you will be able to add your website address by typing the address and clicking the blue button. Once you have clicked the blue button which is "OK" in Korean, you will automatically be taken to the verification screen to choose your verification method.  

Step 4 - Verify Website 

Unlike GWT, Naver Webmaster Tool provides you with only 2 different methods of validating your website, including uploading an HTML to the root server, adding a meta tag to the homepage. Choose the one that is most suitable to your needs.

Add a HTML Tag 

Naver Webmaster Tool provides you with a HTML tag that needs to be added to the <head> tag as an alternative method to adding the HTML file to your website. This tag just needs to be copied from Naver webmaster tool and added to the homepage of the chosen website. Once this has been implemented, click the blue "OK" button to start catching data.

Upload HTML file to server 

Naver Webmaster Tool can provide you with a blank HTML file with a specific code attached to it that associate with your account. You can easily download this by clicking the "HTML files" button. Once you have downloaded this file, you need to upload it directly to the root file of your server then click the blue "OK" button to confirm the placement has been made. Once verification has been made, you will start to see some data population.

The dashboard in Naver Webmaster Tools provides you with an overview of your websites health, search information and indexing status.

The site specific dashboard has a overview showing:

- Crawl Errors 

- Health status of DNS, Server Connectivity & Robots.txt 

This section is about Crawl Stats. Well, As you can see, this is definitely same function as Crawl Stats in Google Webmaster Tools. So, The only thing you can get some insight from these 3 charts is Pages crawled per day. And Kilobytes downloaded per day and Time spent downloading a page are not a good SEO metric to track because I think it's not exact data when you're adding new content.    

The index status allows you to track the status of your site within Naver index. How many pages are they showing as being indexed? Are there any worrying trends? Have you accidentally blocked large sections of your site from Naver bot? This is a great place to get the answers to those questions and more.


  1. Hi, very interesting article. I have to optimize my first webpage for the korean market.
    At the moment its not possible to use the naver webmaster tools for my customers domain.
    Are there search operators like the Google site: operator for

    1. Yes. In the web search result you can use to know about how many webpages are indexed in Naver. Give me a sreenshot of you problem at

  2. Hi, Do you know if I need to provide a business registration in Korea to use naver?

  3. thanks for such a nice information..
    It helped me alot !

  4. Hi Kim, from Barcelona, Spain!

    That's really helpfull and rellevant! I've been trying for couple of days to submit my website on Naver to appear on organic SERP`s but couldn't finish the process due to my spanish mobile number. in that context, I have two questions:

    1. Is it mandatory to have a corean mobile number related to my account? In an affirmative case, what should I do if i do not leave in Corea and have no friends to ask the favor to?
    2. Is there any alternative process to submit a website without relating the account to a corean mobile?

    Thank you in advance and totally dispossed to share know how with you!


  5. That's really helpfull and rellevant

  6. i've submitted to naver successfully. Now i wonder, did you manage to submit your website to daumn? I couldn't find any webmaster tool for daum.

  7. Hi any way to get some help? Trying to fetch my website to naver.

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